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Our products can be ordered online over the Internet using VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club or JCB credit card, plus by PayPal. This is the fastest and easiest way.


The ordering page is on a secure SSL server, ensuring that your confidential information is protected. To order online, click the appropriate button below.

Make sure to include a valid e-mail address with your order or we will be unable to send your license information. Also provide the name of the person and the company (if applicable) that the license should be issued to.

Product Discount 1 user 2-5 users 6-10 users 11- users Link
  Pascal Analyzer 9.x - $169 $154 $139 $126 Buy now
  Pascal Browser 2.x - $129 $117 $106 $97 Buy now
  Pascal Expert 9.x - $89 $81 $73 $66 Buy now
Buy both Pascal Analyzer and Pascal Browser!
  Pascal Analyzer 9.x
  Pascal Browser 2.x
Save 25%! $221 $292 $181 $166 Buy now
Buy both Pascal Analyzer and Pascal Expert!
  Pascal Analyzer 9.x
  Pascal Expert 8.x
Save 20%! $198 $179 $163 $149 Buy now
Buy all products!
  Pascal Analyzer 9.x
  Pascal Browser 2.x
  Pascal Expert 9.x
Save 30%! $264 $240 $217 $197 Buy now
Support plans (first year is included in license)
  1 year for Pascal Analyzer - $89 $80 $71 $65 Buy now
  2 years for Pascal Analyzer Save 10%! $160 $144 $128 $116 Buy now
  3 years for Pascal Analyzer Save 20%! $213 $192 $170 $156 Buy now
  1 year for Pascal Expert - $39 $35 $32 $29 Buy now
  2 years for Pascal Expert Save 10%! $70 $63 $57 $52 Buy now
  3 years for Pascal Expert Save 20%! $95 $85 $77 $70 Buy now
Buy another product if you already own any of Pascal Analyzer, Pascal Browser or Pascal Expert
  Pascal Analyzer 9.x Save 20%! $135 $123 $111 $102 Buy now
  Pascal Browser 2.x Save 20%! $103 $94 $85 $78 Buy now
  Pascal Expert 9.x Save 20%! $71 $65 $58 $53 Buy now
  Pascal Analyzer 8.x to 9.x - $69 $60 $54 $48 Buy now
  Pascal Analyzer 7.x to 9.x - $99 $85 $95 $79 Buy now
  Pascal Analyzer <=6.x to 9.x - $129 $117 $106 $97 Buy now
  Pascal Browser 1.x to 2.x - $49 $44 $40 $36 Buy now

All prices are per user and in US Dollars ($). Sales tax (VAT) will be added for customers from the EU. Companies in the EU can purchase the products free of sales tax. In that case, make sure to enter your VAT number when ordering.

How our products are licensed

Our products (currently Pascal Analyzer 9.x, Pascal Browser 2.x and Pascal Export 9.x) are licensed per user (developer). Each developer license allows ONE developer to use the product, to obtain free updates and receive email support. This means that a license is requested for each developer using the product. Each developer can install and use the product on up to four computers, as long as the machines are exclusively used by the developer holding the license. Discounts are available for two or more licenses bought together. See the pricelist above for more details.

Pascal Analyzer and Pascal Expert

Both these products use a subscription-based licensing model from version 9.x and onwards: Licenses include one first year of free support and minor and major updates. Additional support plan years can be purchased together with the initial Pascal Analyzer or Pascal Expert license, or when your support plan expires.

Pascal Analyzer 8.x and earlier included only minor updates.

We will notify you by email twice, the first time a few weeks before, and the second time a week before your support plan ends. You can then choose to renew the support plan for one or more additional years. When we have received your order, you will get a confirmation email, and your support plan period will be extended. If you want to check the validity of your support plan, select the About menu, and press the Refresh-button. After updating your support plan, it may take up to a day till this information will be updated.

You can renew this way within a month after your support plan expires. If you wish to resume a support plan more than a month after it has ended, you can do so by paying for the period from the day it has ended. In that case, contact us so we can calculate your cost, and give you a quote.

If you do not renew, you will not be able to run any minor or major updates issued after the expiration date. But you will still be able to use your current version, and receive email support.

Pascal Browser

This product does not yet use a subscription-based licensing model. Licenses include email support and minor updates, up to the next major version. For example, for Pascal Browser 2.x, updates are included up to (but not including) the Pascal Browser 3.0 release. You can still use your current version and receive email support, even if you choose not to update to a new major release.

Installation and activation

When your order has been registered, the license information and instructions will be emailed to you. The product will be unlocked after activation through Internet. If you for any reason cannot connect to the Internet from the computer where the product is installed, you can request a manual activation file. You can then use that file to activate without an Internet connection.

Other ways to order

If you prefer, you can order via phone, fax, email or postal mail.

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