_CALLIDX Call Index Report

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This report is similar to the Call Tree Report. For every subprogram, it lists which other subprograms that are called. In addition, it lists all calls from other subprograms to the particular subprogram.


Subprograms from units in excluded folders are not reported.



*                          Call Index Report for                           *

*                      C:\PROJEKT\RAMVERK\GCACHE.PAS                       *



Call Index:



GAsmCode._FastSameText, GAsmCode (10) called by (5):


GTools.CheckStringIsValid GTools (221)

GTools.IsFullPathToDir    GTools (75)

GTools.IsPartStr          GTools (74)

GTools.SameDirectory      GTools (224)

GTools.SameExtension      GTools (225)


GCACHE.TAbstractCache.AddToCache, GCACHE\TAbstractCache (29) calls (1):


GIntList.TIntList.AddInteger           GIntList\TIntList (18)



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