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This report presents important facts about every class in the class hierarchy, like type of class member and scope. More specific, it presents for every method the scope and inheritance information.



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TAbstractCache in GCACHE (13) inherits from TObject


Name                  Type        Scope            Directive Current/Introduced

--------------------- ----------- ---------------- --------- ------------------


AddToCache            Procedure   Public           Static    TAbstractCache -

Count                 Property    Public           Static    TAbstractCache -

Create                Constructor Public           Virtual   TAbstractCache TObject

CreateDates           Field       Private          Static    TAbstractCache -

CreateTimes           Field       Private          Static    TAbstractCache -

DeleteAll             Procedure   Public           Static    TAbstractCache -

DeleteEntry           Procedure   Public           Virtual   TAbstractCache -

DeleteExpiredEntries  Procedure   Public           Static    TAbstractCache -

DeleteUnRequested     Procedure   Public           Static    TAbstractCache -

Destroy               Destructor  Public           Override  TAbstractCache TObject

Expired               Function    Public           Static    TAbstractCache -

Get                   Procedure   Public           Static    TAbstractCache -

GetNumCacheEntries    Function    Protected        Static    TAbstractCache -

GetParam              Function    Public           Static    TAbstractCache -

GetParamsDoc          Procedure   Public           Static    TAbstractCache -

Hits                  Field       Private          Static    TAbstractCache -

IndexInCache          Function    Public           Static    TAbstractCache -

MaxEntries            Field       Private          Static    TAbstractCache -

Params                Field       Private          Static    TAbstractCache -

TimeLimitMins         Field       Private          Static    TAbstractCache -


TObjectCache in GCACHE (59) inherits from TAbstractCache in GCACHE (13)


Name                  Type        Scope            Directive Current/Introduced

--------------------- ----------- ---------------- --------- ------------------


AddObjectToCache      Procedure   Public           Static    TObjectCache -

Create                Constructor Public           Virtual   TObjectCache TAbstractCache

DeleteEntry           Procedure   Public           Override  TObjectCache TAbstractCache

Destroy               Destructor  Public           Override  TObjectCache TAbstractCache

FreeMemory            Procedure   Public           Virtual   TObjectCache -

FreeOnDelete          Field       Private          Static    TObjectCache -

GetObjectFromCache    Function    Public           Static    TObjectCache -

Pointers              Field       Private          Static    TObjectCache -



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