_CTINDEX Control Index Report

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Targets: All except BP7


This is a list of all controls that are included in form files (DFM-files). Use this report to get a general view of the controls on your forms. Because it only lists controls that are included in the DFM-file, controls from inherited forms will not show up in descendant forms. This is of course unless they change some property, so that they are represented in the DFM-file.



*                         Control Index Report for                         *

*                      C:\PROJEKT\PSEARCH\PSEARCH.DPR                      *



List of all controls (33):



Module: psform


   CmdSave : TBitBtn

   CmdSearch : TBitBtn

   GroupBox1 : TGroupBox

   Label3 : TLabel

   Memo : TMemo

     chkCaseSensitive : TCheckBox

     chkIncludeSubFolders : TCheckBox

     chkListAllSearched : TCheckBox

     chkReadOnly : TCheckBox

     CmdSelStartDir : TButton

     Label1 : TLabel

     Label2 : TLabel

     txtPattern : TEdit

     txtRootDir : TEdit



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