Installation folders

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Pascal Analyzer is typically installed with this folder structure (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8):


C:\Program Files\Peganza\Pascal Analyzer


(or C:\Program Files (x86)\Peganza\Pascal Analyzer  when running on a 32-bit computer)


This folder contains executable files, help files etc.



File contents in the program folder



On a 64-bits system, the 32-bits version will be available in the sub-folder "PAL32" (see image above).


C:\Documents and Settings\<acc>\Application Data\Peganza\Pascal Analyzer


This is where the PAL.INI file is stored. The INI file contains common settings for the PAL environment.

When running under Windows Vista, this folder is instead C:\Users\<acc>\AppData\Roaming\Peganza\Pascal Analyzer.


In this folder, you will also find error log files, if an unexpected error occurs. You should send those files to together with a description about how the error occurred.



C:\Documents and Settings\<acc>\My Documents\Pascal Analyzer\Projects


This folder contains the project files (*.pap, *.pam). You can store your projects in any folder, this is just the default folder.


C:\Documents and Settings\<acc>\My Documents\Pascal Analyzer\Projects\Output


This folder is the default root folder for your report files. If you for example create reports for the project MyProj, the output files will be found in C:\Documents and Settings\<acc>\My Documents\Pascal Analyzer\Projects\Output\MyProj. Of course you are free to select any folder for the output.



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