_STATUS Status Report

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Targets: All


PAL always generates this report, regardless of any settings. This report presents important facts about the current analysis, e.g. selected compiler directives and search paths.


The search folders list in the Status Report lists the folders that are set in the Properties dialog. But added to the list are folders for files that are found by PAL during the parsing process, for instance by following relative paths in the project file. Also added are folders from Delphi’s library and browsing paths, if those options are set in the project properties dialog.


The status report also lists source files found by PAL, and files not found.




*                            Status Report for                             *

*                      C:\PROJEKT\RAMVERK\GCACHE.PAS                       *






Analyzed by:            PAL - Pascal Analyzer version

Licensed to:            NN

Parse speed:            6500 lines in 0.64 seconds (10140 lines/sec).


Main file:              C:\PROJEKT\RAMVERK\GCACHE.PAS

Compiler:               Delphi 7

Files parsed:           Both source and form files

Only main file parsed:  No


Search folders:         Components


Excluded for reports:   (none)

Unit aliases:           WinTypes=Windows






Predefined:             VER150;MSWINDOWS;WIN32;CPU386;ConditionalExpressions


Conditional defines:    (none)

Global switches:        A+;B-;C+;D+;E-;F-;G+;H+;I+;J-;K+;L+;M-;N+;O+;P+;Q-




Double-clicking on a line in the Status Report gives different actions:


If clicking on a file path, the file will open in the built-in editor.

Clicking on a folder name, will open the folder in Windows Explorer.


The Status Report, as all reports, is in UTF-8 format.



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