Installation folders

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Pascal Browser is typically installed with this folder structure:


C:\Program Files\Peganza\Pascal Browser 3


This folder contains executable files, help system etc.


C:\Documents and Settings\<acc>\Application Data\Peganza\Pascal Browser


This is where the PAB.INI file is stored. The INI file contains common settings for the environment.

When running under Windows Vista, this folder is instead C:\Users\<acc>\AppData\Roaming\Peganza\Pascal Browser.


C:\Documents and Settings\<acc>\My Documents\Pascal Browser\Templates\Default


This folder contains the default template files (*.xsl) and other files for the web site. These extra files can optionally be copied to the output folder when creating documentation. You must have write access to this folder, because it is used for storing temporary files.


C:\Documents and Settings\<acc>\My Documents\Pascal Browser\Projects


This folder contains the project files (*.pbr). You can store your projects in any folder, this is just the default folder.


C:\Documents and Settings\<acc>\My Documents\Pascal Browser\Projects\Output


This folder is the default root folder for your documentation files. If you for example create documentation for the project MyProj, the output files will be found in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\<acc>\My Documents\Pascal Browser\Projects\Output\MyProj. Of course you are free to select any folder for the output.



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