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Analysis|Run (Ctrl+R)


Start the analysis. PAL scans the selected source file. Any units specified in the uses statement of a unit, will optionally be read, if they are found. This is a recursive process, and potentially a lot of source code can be involved. For Delphi source code, if a DFM/NFM/XFM-file is found for a PAS-file, the DFM/NFM/XFM-file will be parsed and examined as well.


If PAL finds any include directives (like {$I MYSOURCE.INC}) in the source code, these files will also be read and parsed.


Even if PAL can detect many syntax errors, it is required that the code is possible to compile. Otherwise, the results may be incorrect and possibly misleading. So, as a rule, always make sure that the code compiles, before examining it with PAL.


Also bear in mind, that the memory consumption and the time needed to parse and produce reports is proportional to the amount of source code and the number of reports selected. For large projects, with lots of source code, it is often wise to start generating just one or a few reports.





This command stops (cancels) the analysis. Please observe that it may take a few seconds before the analysis stops. Just the Status Report is created in this case.



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