_BXREF Brief Cross-reference Report

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Targets: All


This report lists for every identifier, all locations where it is referenced and set (but only locations in modules that are not excluded for reporting). The same results are produced as in the Cross-reference Report, but with another formatting.For objects it also reports locations where the object is created and freed. Identifiers that are only declared, but never used, are not included. Here is an excerpt from such a table:



*                     Brief Cross-reference Report for                     *

*                      C:\PROJEKT\RAMVERK\GCACHE.PAS                       *  ****************************************************************************


Abbreviations: c=Created f=Freed i=Implemented r=Referenced s=Set u=Unknown v=Varparam


Brief crossreference:



_FastSameText                  Func, Interfaced        GAsmCode (10)      

GAsmCode               90i

GTools                 782r 805r 2070r 2084r 2092r


AChar : Char                   ValParam                GTools\CharExistsPas (239)

GTools                 2160s


AddInteger                     Func, Method            GIntList\TIntList (18)

GCACHE                 125r 126r 127r 375r

GIntList               46i 57r



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