_XREF Cross-reference Report

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This report lists for every identifier, all locations where it is referenced and set (but only locations in modules that are not excluded for reporting). For objects it also reports locations where the object is created and freed. Identifiers that are only declared, but never used, are not included. The layout is more spacious than in the Brief Cross-reference Report, but the content is equivalent. Here is an excerpt from such a table:



*                        Cross-reference Report for                        *

*                      C:\PROJEKT\RAMVERK\GCACHE.PAS                       *



Abbreviations: cre=Created fre=Freed imp=Implemented ref=Referenced

              set=Set unk=Unknown var=Varparam





_FastSameText                  Func, Interfaced      

dec  GAsmCode (10)

imp  GAsmCode (90)

ref  GTools\CheckStringIsValid (2070)

ref  GTools\IsFullPathToDir (805)

ref  GTools\IsPartStr (782)

ref  GTools\SameDirectory (2084)

ref  GTools\SameExtension (2092)


AChar : Char                   ValParam              

dec  GTools\CharExistsPas (239)

unk  GTools\CharExistsPas (2160)




Please note a special case. Consider this rather meaningless code:





It will produce this report:






FMyField : Integer             ClassField            

 dec  Prop\TMyClass (5)

 ref  Prop (7)

 ref  Prop\ (16)

 set  Prop\ (17)


MyField : Integer              Property              

 dec  Prop\TMyClass (7)

 ref  Prop\ (16)

 set  Prop\ (17)


Obj : TMyClass                 Var, Global            

 cre  Prop\ (14)

 dec  Prop (12)

 fre  Prop\ (19)

 ref  Prop\ (16)

 ref  Prop\ (17)


TMyClass = Class               Type, Global          

 dec  Prop (3)

 ref  Prop (12)

 ref  Prop\ (14)



Note that the property declaration on line 8 just renders a "ref" for FMyField.

This is because FMyField is really just formally referenced (in read/write declarations) on this line. However, on line 17-18 the property MyField is referenced and set, so this also gives an implicit "ref" and "set" for FMyField,



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