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Targets: All except BP7


This report shows important properties for your Delphi forms. For instance, it shows the value of the Position property. If you are like us, you want this property to always have the value poScreenCenter. In this report, you can easily verify that all forms have the correct value.


The Form Report does not report forms of type TDataModule or TWebModule (or their descendants, because these forms are non-visual).



*                             Form Report for                              *

*                        C:\PROJECT\PSEARCH\PSEARCH.DPR                    *



Form Module BorderIcons      BorderStyle  FormStyle   Position          



psearch     Sys+Min+Max      bsSingle     fsNormal    poDefault          MS Sans Serif

ZAbout      Sys              bsDialog     fsStayOnTop poScreenCenter     MS Sans Serif

ZLicFrm     Sys              bsDialog     fsStayOnTop poScreenCenter     MS Sans Serif



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