_MISSPRO Missing Property Report

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Targets: All except BP7


This report is similar to the Property Value Report. You specify one or more types and properties that you want to monitor with this report, for example the class type TCustomLabel and its Caption property. This report will then present a list of all occurencies in DFM-files, where a TCustomLabel (or a descendant like TLabel) is used, but where Caption has not been set.



*                    Missing Property Value Report for                     *

*                         C:\PROJECT\MISSPROP.DPR                          *



(2) Missing Property Value:





lblWithoutCaption.Caption (TLabel)

UpDownWithoutAssociate.Associate (TUpDown)


Use this report to for example check that all your TLabel controls have their Caption property set, or that all TUpDown controls have set their Associate property.


For TButton and TBitBtn object with missing OnClick properties, warning will not be given, if a ModalResult property value is set.

Another exception is for TBitBtn object with missing OnClick property, the warning will not be given, if a Kind property value is set.



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