_PROPVAL Property Value Report

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Targets: All except BP7


This report shows values for selected properties in your Delphi forms. For instance, it can show every value of the Caption property for all controls of type TButton. Or, show all properties for controls of the type TLabel, or values for all properties with the name SQL, regardless of the class type. Select which properties to monitor in the Options dialog. Note that the displayed properties and values are those stored in the DFM file. This means that a property possessing a default value is not shown.



*                        Property Value Report for                         *

*                       C:\PROJEKT\WBT\WBTSTORE.DPR                        *





DBLoginDialog.BorderStyle = bsDialog

lblUserName.Caption = 'lblUserName'




ModalRTFViewerForm.BorderStyle = bsDialog




SelectListDialog.BorderStyle = bsDialog



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