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This command displays the help system.



Help|Visit Peganza on the Internet


This command opens Peganza's home page in your web browser. Read the latest information about  Pascal Analyzer and our other products. You will also find information about updates and new versions.



Help|Deactivate License


If you need to move the installation to another computer, you can deactivate the license on the current computer. Then you will be able to activate the license on the new computer. The installation on the old computer will not longer work.


If you need additional activations, or help deactivating licenses on unused computers, just contact our support mail and we will help you.


See the license.txt file in the program directory for more information.



Help|Check for newer version


This command checks if there is a newer version of PAL available. This is the same kind of check that can be done automatically when starting the program, see Preferences|General.





Displays the "About" dialog box. It will show you among other things, the version number for the application.


Click "Refresh" to update the information about your support plan, and when it expires.



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