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On the Editor tab page, select settings for the source code editor tab pages.




Backup to "__history" folder

Default = Yes


If you select this option, any changed source files will be backuped to a "__history" folder below the current folder. This works in a similar way like in the RAD Studio IDE.



Initial document state

Default = Read only


Choose between different initial states for the document (source code file):


       - Read only. source file will initially be read only

       - Read only for files in foreign folder

       - Writable, source file will be writable


It is at any moment possible to toggle between read-only and writeable state (see File|Read Only), regardless of the initial document state.



Ask to reload

Default = Yes


If "Yes", a message will appear when PAL detects that a file has been changed outside the application. You can then select to load the changed file into the editor window.



Use Tabs

Default = No


If "No", Tab characters will be converted to spaces, according to expand size (see next option).



Expand size

Default = 8


Choose the width of a Tab character.



Show tabs

Default = No



Highlight selected line

Default = Yes



Hide/Show scrollbars

Default = No



Line wrap mode

Default = Wrap to window


Choose between:


       - no wrap, text will not be wrapped if it does not fit into window and horizontal scrollbars will be shown.

       - wrap to ruler, line will be wrapped if it is longer than the right ruler

       - wrap to window, line will be wrapped if it does not fit in the editor window



Show line numbers

Default = Yes


Selecting this option, lets line numbers appear in the left gutter.



Bound cursor

Default = No




Wrap ruler width

Default = 80




Show line ends

Default = No




Auto indent

Default = Yes




Show wrap ruler

Default = No


If turned on, shows a vertical ruler line for the right margin.



Show whitespace

Default = No




Keep blanks

Default = No



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