_IDENT Identifiers Report

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Identifiers (IDEN1)


This section writes a table listing all the identifiers in the program indicating their type and location. Use this as an index for your source code, and to locate a specific identifier.



Global Variables (IDEN2)


This section lists variables that are globally declared in unit interface parts.



Module Global variables (IDEN3)


This section lists variables that are globally declared in the unit implementation parts.



Inlined variables and constants (IDEN4)


This section lists variables and constants that are declared inline.





*                          Identifiers Report for                          *

*                      C:\PROJEKT\PSEARCH\PSEARCH.DPR                      *



AllowClickEvents : Boolean       ClassField              psform\TPSMainForm (61)

Analyzing : Boolean              ClassField              psform\TPSMainForm (62)

Attrs : integer                  Var, Local              psform\TPSMainForm\CmdSpecial2Click (422)


Base : TStringList               Var, Local              psform\TPSMainForm\CmdSpecial1Click (315)

Bevel1 : TBevel                  ClassField              psform\TPSMainForm (35)


CanClose : Boolean               VarParam                psform\TPSMainForm\FormCloseQuery (56)

chkAllFiles : TCheckBox          ClassField              psform\TPSMainForm (28)

chkAllFilesClick                 Proc, Method            psform\TPSMainForm (53)

chkCaseSensitive : TCheckBox     ClassField              psform\TPSMainForm (43)

chkIncludeSubFolders : TCheckBox ClassField              psform\TPSMainForm (25)

chkListAllSearched : TCheckBox   ClassField              psform\TPSMainForm (37)

chkOnlyDelphi : TCheckBox        ClassField              psform\TPSMainForm (33)

chkOnlyInc : TCheckBox           ClassField              psform\TPSMainForm (30)

chkOnlySql : TCheckBox           ClassField              psform\TPSMainForm (31)

chkOnlyTxt : TCheckBox           ClassField              psform\TPSMainForm (34)

chkOnlyVB : TCheckBox            ClassField              psform\TPSMainForm (32)

chkOnlyWeb : TCheckBox           ClassField              psform\TPSMainForm (29)

chkReadOnly : TCheckBox          ClassField              psform\TPSMainForm (45)



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