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This report lists, in descending order, the subprograms that are most often called. Please note that this number just reflects the number of locations in the code where the particular subprogram is called. It cannot predict how many times a subprogram is called when the program is run. Instead use a profiler tool to obtain this information.



*                          Most Called Report for                          *

*                      C:\PROJEKT\PSEARCH\PSEARCH.DPR                      *



These subprograms are called from two or more locations (4):


5  UpdateStatus          Proc, Method            psform\TPSMainForm (69)

3  GetElapsedTimeString  Func, Method            GTimer\TTimeMeasurer (21)

2  Create                Constructor             PSEngine\TPatternSearcher (62)

2  Search                Proc, Method            PSEngine\TPatternSearcher (68)




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