What's new in version 7 (November 2013)?

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This text describes changes and new features in Pascal Analyzer version 7, compared to version 6. The new version has been enhanced with a lot of smaller and greater features.



Support for Delphi XE5, XE6 and XE7

This version adds support for Delphi XE5, XE6 and XE7 (all compiler targets including iPhone and Android mobile devices). Double-clicking on a report line in Pascal Analyzer will optionally jump to the correct location in the Delphi IDE.



Generate CHM files

It is now possible to also generate a CHM file for the collection of HTML pages that are output. The CHM file is compressed, and features full-text search.




Reports in CHM-file



Mouse wheel support

Use Ctrl+MouseWheel in reports and in the source viewer to temporarily increase/decrease font size.



Excluded files

This setting as default used to specify "Windows.pas;System.pas". But in this version it is changed to "System.pas". This means that Windows.pas will also be parsed, if found by PAL. The analysis will take a bit longer to run, but the results will be more accurate and complete.



Status Report

The Status Report now, as last section, lists all files that have been found and loaded. Use the list to check if PAL has found all the expected files.



New pane on status bar

The status bar at bottom of the main window has got a new section, telling the compiler target for the currently loaded project.

Like "Delphi XE5 (Win32)" for example. It also shows a representative glyph for the selected Delphi version.



Redeclared identifiers

There is a new section in the Warnings Report that lists redeclared identifiers from the System unit. Although allowed, this is a source for confusion when maintaining the code.



Identifier with same name as keyword/directive

This is a new section in the Warnings Report that lists identifiers that have the same name as keyword/directive.



Different string types in Totals and Module Totals Report

These two reports now also lists the number of different types of strings, like UnicodeString and WideString.



Misc. bug fixed

Some small bugs, both in the parser and report builder have been fixed.



Predefined identifiers from System unit

Identifiers from System unit are preloaded by PAL. This feature has been totally reworked, resulting in much more accurate results.



Improved handling of safe calls

Calls to functions that don't not require the passed variable to be initialized, like SizeOf(), are better detected in this version, leading to more accurate results.



New NextGen Readiness Report

This new report measures how well prepared your code is for the new NextGen compiler.



New section in Strong Warnings Report

This new section reports subprograms that unconditionally call themselves recursively.



Totals for reports

In the report list, total hit numbers (if activated) are also displayed for report groups and as a grand total for all reports. This makes it easier to spot the difference between two separate runs.



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