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Download the file to a folder of your choice. Extract the EXE file from the ZIP archive. Then run the EXE file to install the application.

The evaluation versions of Pascal Analyzer and Pascal Browser are 64-bits.

The full licensed versions of Pascal Analyzer and Pascal Browser exist in both 32-bits and 64-bits versions:

On a 64-bits system, installation is as default below the "C:\Program Files" folder. The 64-bits PAL.EXE and PALCMD.EXE will be installed in the main folder and the 32-bits programs, PAL32.EXE and PALCMD32.EXE will be installed to a sub-folder "PAL32". But on a 32-bits system, only the 32-bits programs will be installed.

Pascal Analyzer Lite is 64-bits only.


Pascal Analyzer Evaluation version: you may run any analysis like in the full version. One difference is that the reports do not always show complete results. There are also a couple of reports that are not generated, and some lines are scrambled as strings of "xxxx". The evaluation version can be used around 30 days.

Pascal Browser Evaluation version: there are also some limitations. Not all identifiers are hyperlinked and some are also scrambled:

  • identifiers starting with letters a, d, g, j, m, p, s, v (and in upper case) are not hyperlinked
  • some identifiers are obfuscated in the generated documentation
  • some lines in the middle of source code listings are partly obfuscated

Pascal Expert Evaluation version: the limitation is that only a few items of each type are displayed. The evaluation version can be used around 30 days.

When you want to get the full version, visit our orders page. After registration and approval of your order, you will be sent a license key to unlock the product to a full version. You will also receive instructions to download the full version.

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