Pascal Analyzer/Pascal Expert 9.2

These new versions were just released. They add six new report sections:

  • Optimization Report: "Inlined subprogs not inlined because not yet implemented" (OPTI9)
  • Warnings Report: "Assigned to itself" (WARN61)
  • Strong Warnings Report: "For-loop with possible bad condition" (STWA7)
  • Strong Warnings Report: "Bad parameter usage" (STWA8)
  • Strong Warnings Report: "Generic interfaces with GUID" (STWA9)
  • Reduction Report: "Local identifiers never used" (REDU24)
Those sections were added in 9.1:
  • Warnings Report: "Condition evaluates to constant value" (WARN60)
  • Convention Report: "Class fields that are not declared in the private/protected sections" (CONV22)
There were many new report sections added in 9.0:
  • Strong Warnings Report: "Index error" (STWA4)
  • Strong Warnings Report: "Possible bad pointer usage" (STWA5)
  • Strong Warnings Report: "Possible bad typecast (consider using "as" for objects)" (STWA6)
  • Warnings Report: "Mixing interface variables and objects" (WARN53)
  • Warnings Report: "Set before passed as out parameter" (WARN54)
  • Warnings Report: "Redeclares ancestor member" (WARN55)
  • Warnings Report: "Parameter to FreeAndNil is not an object" (WARN56)
  • Warnings Report: "Enumerated constant missing in case structure" (WARN57)
  • Warnings Report: "Mixed operator precedence levels" (WARN58)
  • Warnings Report: "Explicit float comparison" (WARN59)
  • Code Reduction Report: "Consider using interface type" (REDU18)
  • Code Reduction Report: "Redundant parentheses" (REDU19)
  • Code Reduction Report: "Common subexpression, consider elimination" (REDU20)
  • Code Reduction Report: "Default parameter values that can be omitted" (REDU21)
  • Code Reduction Report: "Inconsistent conditions" (REDU22)
  • Reduction Report: "Typecasts that possibly can be omitted" (REDU23)

There are now in total 239 report sections in 51 different reports. This update to 9.2 is free for registered 9.0 users with an active support plan.

If you are still on Pascal Analyzer 8.x or even earlier versions, you can upgrade with a great discount. Upgrade price from 8.x is just $69. New license costs $169. A license for Pascal Expert costs $89.

Please check our orders page for full details and to place an order.

Pascal Analyzer is a Windows program that helps Delphi developers measure, check, and document their source code. Pascal Analyzer (or PAL for short) is a development tool that makes software projects of any size easier to understand and enables developers to produce flawless and reliable code. PAL contains numerous optimization, validation, and documentation features, which help in fine-tuning and managing the development process. In addition, it is an extremely easy tool to use.

Pascal Expert is a plugin for Embarcadero's Delphi IDE (RAD Studio). It does a static analysis of your source code, to detect possible issues and errors in your code. The results will help you better understand and produce code of higher quality, consistency, and reliability. Pascal Expert sits right in the Delphi IDE, so it lets you find problems earlier, and fix them right on the spot! Pascal Expert contains a subset of Pascal Analyzer. Warnings and hints that are most important when working with code, have been included in Pascal Expert. We have put 118 of Pascal Analyzer's most important reports into Pascal Expert.