Installation folders

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Pascal Expert is installed with its special installation program. Depending on the Delphi IDE you select to support, different files are installed:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Peganza\Pascal Expert


This folder contains executable files, help files etc. Pascal Expert is 32-bits only, because Delphi IDE's are all 32-bits at this time.



C:\Documents and Settings\<acc>\Application Data\Peganza\Pascal Expert


This is where Pascal Expert INI files are stored. The INI file contains settings for your Pascal Expert installation.


Please note that a separate INI file is kept for each Delphi version, like PEX10.INI for Delphi 10, PEXXE8.INI for Delphi XE8 etc.


In this folder, you will also find error log files, if an unexpected error occurs. You should send those files to together with a description about how the error occurred.



C:\Documents and Settings\<acc>\My Documents\Peganza\Pascal Expert


This is where you can save INI files in the Options dialog.



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