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This is where you select options for Pascal Expert. The settings are automatically saved to an INI file, so will be available the next time you start the Delphi IDE.


Each Delphi version that runs Pascal Expert will have its own INI-file. For example, Delphi XE8 will save its settings in PEXXE8.INI.


The options dialog is divided in a number of tab pages:


General settings

Report settings






The tab page that was last selected will be selected the next time you enter this dialog (during the same session).




Confirms your selections and saves them.




Cancels your selections. Whatever selections you have made in the dialog, those will be lost.



Set Defaults

Loads default values (factory settings).



Load Options

Loads options from the selected file.


Use Load Options and Store Options to use custom set of settings for different purposes.

E.g. for one particular project MyProj you may want to report all types of problems, and exclude some folders.

Then store the settings for this project in the file MyProj.ini. When analyzing this project, make sure to first load MyProj.ini.



Store Options

Stores current options to the selected file.



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