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This menu item will start an analysis of the currently focused module (source unit) in the editor. It will only report issues for this module, and it will only scan the module itself.


It will be much quicker than the other types of analysis, but the results will not be so complete.


Some of the issues are either not relevant or subject to false negative or positive results, and will not be examined for this kind of analysis. For best and complete results: Select Analyze project instead.



Issues that are always excluded:


STWA2-Ambiguous unit references

WARN1-Interfaced identifiers that are used, but not outside of unit

WARN2-Interfaced class identifiers that are public/published, but not used outside of unit



Issues that are excluded if the examined identifier is declared in the interface section, or if the examined identifiers has references to unknown identifier:


REDU1-Identifiers never used

REDU12-Functions called only as procedures (result ignored)

REDU13-Functions/procedures (methods excluded) only called once

REDU14-Methods only called once from other method of the same class


OPTI5-Virtual methods (procedures/functions) that are not overridden



Issues that are often excluded if the examined identifiers has references to unknown identifier:


WARN3-Variables that are referenced, but never set

WARN5-Variables that are set, but never referenced

WARN7-Local variables that are referenced before they are set

WARN9-Var parameters that are used, but never set

WARN11-Value parameters that are set

WARN40-Local for-loop variables read after loop

WARN46-Local variables that are set but not later used

WARN51-Out parameter is read before set


REDU2-Local identifiers only used at a lower scope

REDU3-Local identifiers only used at a lower scope, but in more than one subprogram

REDU4-Local identifiers that are set and referenced once

REDU6-Local identifiers that are set more than once without referencing in-between


OPTI8-Parameter is "var", can be changed to "out"



See Analyze project for more information about how analyzing works.



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