Find bugs early with Pascal Expert

Pascal Expert is a new plugin for Embarcadero's Delphi IDE (RAD Studio). It does a static analysis of your source code, to detect possible issues and errors in your code. The results will help you better understand and produce code of higher quality, consistency, and reliability. Pascal Expert sits right in the Delphi IDE, so it lets you find problems earlier, and fix them right on the spot!

Pascal Expert contains a subset of our popular product Pascal Analyzer (first released in 2001 and now in version 8). Warnings and hints that are most important when working with code, have been included in Pascal Expert. We have put 116 of Pascal Analyzer's most important reports into Pascal Expert. And more is to come in future upgrades!

The menus for Pascal Expert are located in RAD Studio's Tools menu.

You can also access Pascal Expert features through a customizable toolbar:

Pascal Expert supports all versions and compiler targets from Delphi 2009 up to and including the current Delphi 10 Seattle.

When installing Pascal Expert, select for which Delphi versions you will use it. To later add/remove other versions, just re-run the setup program.

Start a code analysis for the active project, by selecting the relevant menu item in RAD Studio’s “Tools” menu. Your code is analyzed in a background thread, so you can continue working on other things. The results are displayed as messages on a tab page in RAD Studio's Output window:

This window is normally located at the bottom of the screen. The messages will point out issues in your source code, from warnings about possible errors, to hints about code that can be optimized or removed.

Double-click on a line in the Output window to get to the location in source code. To obtain help for a specific message; just press F1 over the line to open the help window.

There are three different kinds of analysis:

  • Analyze project: This is the most complete option. The project's DPR/DPK file will be parsed, and its uses-list followed to find other units. In this way Pascal Expert can resolve maximum number of symbol references, and the produced reports will be most complete.
  • Analyze current module: This analysis starts with the currently selected editor source file, and follows its uses-lists to find other code. All references may not be found, and only warnings and hints for the current module will be reported. Use this option when you are primarily interested in a particular module.
  • Quick analysis of current module: This super-fast analysis will only examine the currently selected editor source file. References to symbols in other modules will remain unresolved. Thus not every, but a large part of all possible warnings and hints can be reported. Use this option for a quick status of the module,

Pascal Expert is highly configurable. It has an options dialog, to select only those issues that you want included in the output. It is also possible to customize colors and fonts for the output.

We recommend to check out the extensive online documentation for more details.

See our Orders page for price and license information, and to place an order.

Registered users of any version of Pascal Analyzer/Pascal Browser can buy Pascal Expert with discount. See the Orders page for more information.

There is also a free evaluation version, with a bit limited functionality. It is available from our Downloads page.