Pascal Analyzer 9.5

Pascal Analyzer version 9.5 is here! Besides adding support for the just released Delphi 10.3.2 version, there is a brand new report. This is the Clone Report, which as the name implies, is designed to detect cloned code.

If you google for "code cloning" you will understand that this is actually a science of its own. We will describe this subject more in an upcoming blog article.

Register users can download the new 9.5 version. See your registration email for the URL to the full version. If you are not yet a user of Pascal Analyzer you can get a free evaluation version from our download page.

Or buy a license and take advantage of our current offer: Get 20 percent off any of our products, just by making sure to include the coupon code PALTWENTY when ordering. This offer is active from today until the end of August, and is to celebrate that development on Pascal Analyzer started 20 years ago.

The offer also includes purchase of additional support plans if you already use any of our products.

You can buy a new support plan up to a full year after your current support plan has expired. If for example your current support plan expired in March, you still could use your license, but not download any new version. Then, if you buy a new 1-year support plan in August, it will be valid for a full year from that date, and you can download all updates and new versions. For more licensing information, check our ordering page.