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File|New Project (Ctrl+N)


This command creates a new blank project. Settings from the template for projects will be used to initialize the new project.



File|Open (Ctrl+O)


Open an existing Pascal Browser project (*.pbr files). The currently opened project is active. There can only be one active project at any single time.





Under this menu item you can reopen one of the latest opened projects.



File|Save (Ctrl+S)


This command saves the currently active project. The default folder for saving your projects is below "My Documents", in "C:\Document and Settings\<acc>\My Documents\Pascal Browser Projects".



File|Save As…


This command lets you save the currently active project with a new name.





This command closes the currently active project.



File|Print (Ctrl+P)


This command prints the current status text that is shown in the main window after documentation has been generated.



File|Printer Setup


Show Windows standard printer setup dialog box.





Quit the application. Your settings are saved to the file PAB.INI in your settings folder.



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