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Generate|Run (Ctrl+R)


Select this command to let Pascal Browser generate the documentation for the currently active project. Be prepared that the process of generating all documentation can take some time.


For example, if one thousand HTML files will be produced, and each file takes a second to create, you will have to wait roughly 15 minutes till everything is done.


Also note that the number of files generated by Pascal Browser can be rather large, in thousands or tens of thousands. Remember, for each major identifier, Pascal Browser generates a document file. The number of files depends on the amount of source code that you make available for Pascal Browser, and which parts of the source code that you will allow it to produce documentation for.


After the run is completed, Pascal Browser will show a status text report in the main window. This report is also stored as a file _Status.txt in the output folder. The status report shows information about the generated documentation.


If an error occurs, there will be some additional files created in the output folder. The file names start with the underscore ("_") letter, so they will be easy to recognize. You may find additional clues to why the error occurred, by examining these files.





This command stops (cancels) the current documentation run.



Opening main document


After a completed run, this menu command will open the main document in the application that is associated with the file type.



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